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Say Cheese!

Here’s what my month has been like, in pictures! I thought you guys (I'm trying to transition back to using "you guys" after hearing my squad use "y'all all" year long, haha) could use a break from all my writing so here are some pictures! Check it out:   k i d s Ministry We work with the school Pastor James founded called Kigali Christian Academy. For a short time in the mornings we, sing songs, play games, like “Red Light, Green Light” and share a

It's all worth it!

This country is so beautiful! I just want to share with you what we’ve been doing.  Everyday we have breakfast around 7am, lunch around 1pm and dinner around 7pm. Our hosts provide the meals and I am very thankful for that. It’s such a blessing. For breakfast we eat some egg with bread and coffee. For lunch we usually have rice, beans, potato, meat and a veggie. For dinner we usually have pasta, potato, meat and a veggie.  Sunday’s we go to church and one of us pr

How do you get homesick in Bali?

The thing I had to reevaluate in order to come on this trip was my idea of home and safety. I had to come to the conclusion that security is something that can really only come from the Lord. So I let go. I left my job and gave up my home and even got rid of numerous belongings when I set out. So now that I’m well into month 10 I feel a little silly saying that I want my home back… especially while we’re on Bali. I miss napping on the couch and being able to read street signs

& God said, let there be light

Shame  A five letter word.  A feeling that holds us back from so many things.  Paralyzes us from being who we truly are.  It lurks in the darkness and slowly controls people.  I’m reading Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly, which talks all about vulnerability and shame.  Scary right?  Reading this book has me thinking a lot about how I have let shame control so many different aspects of my life.  Shame’s power is in the dark. In t

I am not going to Haiti


India Recap

To start off, I want to apologize for taking so long to get to writing this. It has been a little over a month now that I have been back in the US and honestly, up until this point, I couldn’t get myself to relive the Race in the way that these recap blogs require me to. I will probably write a blog about my transitioning, but let’s get to India first. India has always been my dream. It has been an obsession of mine now since I was 8 or 9. I loved everything about the culture and ha

We are family.

“Hey, can you come here I want to talk to you...” my heart sank. Me? Oh gosh... she wanted to talk to me? I walked towards her room with a million thoughts swarming in my head of what this could possibly be about.       Anytime someone says “we need to talk” or “let’s talk” or something along those lines, I don’t know what to think. Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong or maybe it’s going to be a hard conversation.

Service, Spikeball, and the Slums

 July 14th: Ministry day: Deb Wirth Bible Plan Verse that stood out: Matthew 19:23-24 GNB One of my favorite parts about working with hosts that are long term missionary’s in every country is when we have the ability to make their life outside of ministry easier. On the 14th my teammate Zach and I stayed behind while everyone else went to a ministry event so that we could to do work around the house. We checked the cots and air mattress for defects, used a machete to chop down som

Indonesia has been a GOOD time so far!

HHEEYYOOOO!!! Woweewow everybody. It feels like I just got here but somehow Ive only got 8 days left in Indonesia.... 8DAYS! Can you believe that?! Because your girl can not! But despite almost being in Month 11 of this 11 month journey I am killing the game. Thriving in the kingdom! This month my team and I are in Medan which is at the northern tip of the Sumatra Island. We are working and living at a local church doing all the things. We are mainly preaching and teaching everyday. We mostly

Re-Learning Generosity

You want to know why fundraising seemed like such a dreadful task to me for so long? Because I secretly hate money. Well, the idea of it. Of course I enjoy a big paycheck and I recognize the need to have/make money to pay bills and to do (most) things that you love. I just never liked the power that it could have over people. I’ve seen it do ugly things to loved ones and hold a lot of people back from living their best life. And I desire for everyone to live their best life! There was a s
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