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Let’s Get Started With Our Christmas Cake

Submitted by Godspace

by Christine Sine

It’s time to get started on my Christmas cake – no not making the cake but soaking the fruit which should sit for at least a month before the cake is made. Yep that’s it – a whole month for the flavors to really blend, and then the cake itself must sit for a couple of weeks before we eat it.

This is a process I enjoy every year, an important part of the rhythm of my life, probably partly because it can’t be hurried if I want to create a really good cake. It makes me feel as though Christmas is on its way and the entertaining I so enjoy doing at this season will really happen.

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Meditation Monday – Say Yes To What is Life Giving

Submitted by Godspace

by Christine Sine

Last week I talked about Canadian thanksgiving and my usual practice of starting Advent a week early with a time of gratitude. This week I realized that I don’t just want a week of gratitude, I want a whole season. Canadian and American Thanksgiving frame this beautifully for me.

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The Journey Continues: The Amazon River

It was night time in the Amazon. The sky was pitch black as clouds had quickly rolled in after sunset, dashing any hopes we had of seeing stars over the Amazon. The fresh smell of body odor, bug spray, and river air was carried by the cool breeze of the night.   We had just finished a 12 hour boat ride on the river where we enjoyed sleeping in hammocks, pink dolphins, and an awesome Amazonian sunset. Now we were getting onto another, smaller boat. This one was about 40 ft long and only ab

Month One Done

Last week brought an end to the first month of my World Race. Month One consisted of short hours spent at a beautiful ministry, Lifting Hands. My time there was full of laughter and smiles and just loving on kids and praying they grow to break the poverty circle they are growing up in.  Month One taught me a lot about myself; I learned to let go of control, to throw my expectations away, and realize (yet again) God knows what He is doing. I grew to love being The Pinky Toe at ministry and

Diez Dis en Ecuador

One step into the King's home and you become family. I have never felt as loved as I did in Ecuador. Wes and Donna King truly leave behind a legacy of God's love.  Then there are their children. Though not by birth, their love for each other is stronger than most biological families. Most days were filled with cooking, playing Mexican Train or other fun games and mind blowing stories of their 20 years in Ecuador.   On Saturday we held a children's event and I was as