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Don't Miss It

Wow. God is something else.  We have officially hiked a portion of the Camino. We went from Pamplona, Spain to Burgos, Spain in 9 days. The hike totaled around 137 miles. (We bused at least 40 miles, don't tell anyone though). It has been a good, challenging first week for sure. There is just so much here that its hard to process it all. Everything is so different here. From the buildings, to the roads, to the stores, to the people. Everything is different, but so beautiful.  While

Beautiful Feet

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” -Isaiah 52:7   I don’t think any of us would say that feet are beautiful, but rather the nastiest things ever. (Praise to those in the pedicure business, y’all are the greatest!) During this past week and a half my squad and I walked a portion of the El Camino de Santiago, which was about 130 miles. Now y

A long endurance

Kosova was a long month.  Our first week at Fellowship of The Lord’s People in Prishtina, had our squad in an evangelism conference where we met people from all over Europe (and a few from the US!) We went nonstop to different cities over the small country of Kosova, where Islam is the primary religion at 96%.  Yet culturally, many may say they are Muslim, with out practice. I found it quite similar to being a Christian in the south. More of a cultural, family, or community t

"Buen Camino!" PT.1 - on the trail

“¡Buen Camino!” Literal translation: “Good way!” I've heard this short simple phrase countless times walking the cities, villages, towns and countrysides of Spain from Pampalona to Belorado. I'm laying my head down tonight in a quant donativo attached to an ancient looking Catholic Church that is partly attached to a mountain. We are up about a block from the town’s square and all of Spain has a fiesta planned for tonight for a holiday celebrating St. Mary.