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Heart, Kingdom, Glory

Written August 7, 2018   During worship I noticed that my hands kept doing something weird, something I would just catch myself doing.   Imagine a person putting something in the palm of your hands and then closing your fingers over the item.   That's what I was doing. The item was in in my left hand as my right hand closed it. So strange.   I caught myself doing it over and over again. As I became more conscience of it, I started to ask God questions about it.  

Colombia: 19 Days / Colombia: 19 Dias

So I will officially be leaving to Colombia in about 19 days!! I’ll be heading to Atlanta on the 5th of October for two or three days of workshops and preparation for the trip itself.   I don’t know if I’ve already shared this but I was chosen to be my teams "StoryTeller”! What does that mean? Well I’m glad you ask! My my job is to encouraging my teammates to keep on writing and sharing their experiences with you all!! Sharing not only our own experiences but

First Weekend in Cambodia

I’m in Battambang, Cambodia!! After 40 hours of travel from Georgia to San Francisco, China, Siem Reap and a 4 hour bus ride to my location, I’m finally in my new home for the next 3 months. Landing in Siem Reap, Cambodia I immediately fell in love just like I did with India last year. There’s something about Asian culture that is so intriguing to me. Here’s how I’ve been spending my first two days in this beautiful country: Spent some quality, much needed time wit

Travel Days to Cambodia!

We made it! After more than 40 hours of travel and spending the entirety of September 13th on a plane, my team and I have arrived in Battambang, Cambodia. As we traveled, time went so quickly, yet so much happened. I made this video to share a glimpse of what this time looked like with my World Race squad. Check it out!  

Our Ministry Here in Battambang!

Our ministry is a little different than the other teams on the squad in that we have a little more freedom and are not on as strict of a schedule. Other teams are teaching English at various schools and the guys are helping out at a church and doing some good ole fashion manual labor.  Each morning my team and I will go to a hospital that specializes in the care of people with long term injuries. They are often dealing with loss of a limb or something like that due to landmines, traffic ac