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Freerange Friday: The Cup of Love

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Chinese New Year: A Case Study for Shifts in Christian Caring

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Month 1: Haiti Ministry Host

Let me introduce the people my team and I have been blessed to partner with while in Haiti.   Alex is our main ministry host for the month; she has been living here in Haiti for over two years now but originally from Texas. We celebrated her two year anniversary on January 21! She has the absolute biggest heart, loves blessing and serving others and sees the beauty in everything. She is extremely focused and driven person but listens to everyone. She has immersed herself in the community

Don't Blink

Someone needs to remind me not to blink because only a few blinks ago I had just landed in Haiti. Now, I find myself a month later starting my last full day in Gonaives and wondering how everything happened so fast. How did all those days, hours and minutes fly past me without my knowledge of them? How am I supposed to process everything I’ve experienced, all the relationships I’ve made and the thought of having to leave? Most importantly, how are the mosquitoes still finding parts o

Power Over my Perfectionism

This month has been a whirlwind.  It seems like we just left the States, and yet we are about to leave Haiti to head to the Dominican Republic. It has been an interesting month filled with a lot of questions and a lot of figuring out life on the Race, which can be kind of tricky when you are a married couple learning to live with a bunch of people for the first time, especially as we are sleeping in separate rooms this month. It has been a slow month, as we have had a lot of time off from