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When it Hurts like Hell and the World is Crashing Down

Praise Him in the storm. It's a phrase I've heard many times and it's something that I've said and prayed myself, but it's not as simple as some make it sound. I know how hard it is to pray when your heart is aching with pain and your mind is numb. I've felt the struggle of trying to worship when everything in you just wants to hide and grieve. There's a war that goes on inside, cause I know who my God is. I know that He is good in all things. I know that He doesn't abandon me. I know that I

Poipet, Cambodia!

We have finally made it to ASIA! If you know me at all you know how stoked I am to finally be here! For our first month we are near Poipet, Cambodia working with LightBridge International and Landmine Designs. LightBridge International is an organization that works to empower and disciple children in villages as well as help with community development such as clean water and teaching adults and children the importance of washing their hands. Landmine Designs provides women in villages aro

I'm the Pastor Now?

My team and I have been in Albania for a little over a week now, and it has been a perfect example of what it looks like to live missionally. Our ministry has been to live a normal life, making friends and building relationships with people, taking the name of Jesus with us wherever we go. We've made friends at the gym, the local pizzeria, coffee shops, and even on the buses. Thursday morning, our host Erion told us he wanted to meet with out team and share something with us. We showed up and h

Dear Momma

  To My Momma, YOU'RE IN AFRICA! In just one days time, I get to hug your precious little neck! I get to kiss those cheeks that match my own! I get to show you a part of my life, a part of my heart! I get to see your whole entire face, since you don't wear your glasses when we FaceTime. I haven't seen your chin since August! I don't remember what it looks like. To say I am excited is quite the understatement. This is a moment that we had talked about before my feet left the US of A. I