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Meditation Monday – Waiting for a Vulnerable God

Submitted by Godspace

by Christine Sine

The first week of Advent has been a time of enriching reflection for me. Tom and I have taken time to go on retreat and I have spent ample time each day entering into my chosen devotionals. More than anything I have been awed by the vulnerability of God in this Advent story, a theme that has been focused by this quote from Paul Neeley’s blog

Christmas is not about greatness but smallness, not about strength but weakness, not about force or coercion but invitation and welcome. Christmas does not need anyone to accept its joy or embrace its light.

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Rapture Drill: Revealing Jesus (A Revelation of Jesus) | S2 E2

Submitted by Groans From Within

1 Minute Read Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 2 | Episode 2 How does Revelation “Reveal Jesus?” The opening line of the book makes a compelling claim: “A Revelation of Jesus Christ.” This is the purpose of the last book of the Bible, but we often struggle to understand how the Jesus of the Gospels ...

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It's Raining Men

So many things have been occurring during Africa. Saying goodbye to Rwanda has been the hardest goodbye yet. Now in Uganda, our squad has gone through team changes and are ready to start Month 5!!!   This team change, I am with BOYS! Cue Monica from Friends— “Now I have to live with a boy!”   Although living in community with the opposite sex can be pretty intimidating or nerve-wracking, I think I can say I got pretty lucky in being placed with these cool dudes&

Water in the Drought

If you read my last blog post you know that Botswana was a hard month for me. I chose to be honest with you all and share the rawness of that month and leave that unredeemed. There is a physical drought in the country of Botswana and it was also a country of dryness for me.    But......   Through all the uncomfortable things and hard things and slow things of this month I had no choice but to talk to God A LOT!     Coming on the race, I stepped out of an environmen

the winning team

Both of my parents went to A&M and consequently I grew up singing the war him and believing I could legit ‘bleed maroon’. I met my first friend, and still best friend, Megan Shurtleff tailgating and have grown up surrounded by the families we have tailgated with for my entire life. We even meet every Sunday for dinner!! To say the least Texas A&M and Aggie football has had a large impact on my life. Tonight was our last home game against LSU and my whole family was together,