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A Prayer for Inhabit

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Rapture Drill: Resistance and Hope in Revelation | S1 E5 (EP-5)

Submitted by Groans From Within

Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 5 (Spring Season, 2018) In this episode, Kurt Willems looks at Revelation through its broad themes and genre. It is apocalyptic literature and must be read as such. It is a book of resistance and hope in the midst of oppression. Civil religion wants our ...

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THIS BLOG IS FROM MY MOMMA!!! I asked her to write a blog about her experience during Parent Vision Week:)     When Katie was sharing with me about this Gap Year she wanted to do, she had mentioned that there would be an opportunity for me to come out to serve alongside her for a week.  I wasn't sure I would be able to go, because there were so many obstacles both tangible and emotional.  As we went out to Atlanta last fall to send Katie off on this journey, I told her I w

Nagpatong Rock


WR Day 100

This is a pretty accurate depiction of what I do Monday-Friday here in Battambang Cambodia   5:40 am Wake up and get ready 6:00 am Cook breakfast with Heidi and Darcy for the team 6:30 am Eat Breakfast 8:30 am Go shopping for lunch, dinner, and breakfast ingredients 9:30 am Get back home 10:00 am - 11:45 am Watch Legally Blonde and prep lunch 12:00 pm Eat lunch 12:45 pm Head to Memory Coffee for the afternoon cause it