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the start of a new season

So on September 8-9 we (my squad and I) will be shipping out to Swaziland. And on the 7th of September I will be turning twenty years old and officially looking for grey hair. Now I know that most people see twenty as very young and just the beginning of my life, which I agree with too. But what most people can’t see is that twenty years of my life just flew by! Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all sunshine and good times, in my own ways I experienced struggle and many personal gro

World Race Q and A

Favorite new food you tried? Ok, I’ve had this before the race, but it’s still one of my faves. It’s called gra pao moo. It’s a Thai dish. They cook ground pork or chicken with Thai basil and chilies, served with jasmine rice of course. It’s delish. A close second was the breakfast our host in the Philippines made for us all the time. It’s called Tocino, which is pork cured with a sweet glaze. They served it with garlic fried rice. So good!!! One more thing&h

The Chinese Man Who Lives by Faith

The story of a Chinese man named Jit. What does it mean to live by faith? People often say 'have faith', usually for a hard-pressed situation or a time where joy or peace are missing. However, what does it practically mean to 'live by faith'. I'm writing this blog because I have been inspired by a simple man and his family here in Malaysia. We only have had the chance to stay with him for one week, however that has been enough time for me to see his heart, and the faith of he and his family.

tsum valley..

This month our squad just had team changes and my team is now Team Legacy. Our team is made up of Myself, Kaydan and Katherine Field, Kaysha Spence, Preston Robinson, Chandler Whidden, and Courtney Harrington. This month we are in Nepal, which is a closed country. This month is also our ATL (Ask the Lord) month. This essentially means that we have no set ministry host and, as a team, we pray and ask God where He wants us for the month. This means that, Lord willing, we have thousands of open

The One Where Grace Learns French

If I’m being totally honest, Paris was never really a city I dreamed of going to. I mean, the only reason I took 2 years of French in high school was because one of my friends talked me into it. I didn’t really care about truly learning the language...or culture...of a place I thought I’d never visit. Regrets. So many regrets. After the Camino, our squad was given the freedom to get to Serbia however the Lord led us. So, while in Madrid, my little team prayed and out of nowhe